Press Statement
For immediate release
28 October 2020

Parents encouraged to teach their kids Māori

As part of National Children’s Day 2006 Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori is launching an information kit aimed at encouraging new parents to raise their children speaking reo Māori

It is acknowledged widely that there are cognitive benefits in being bilingual. Children not only gain an understanding of two cultures, they enjoy a real sense of belonging and it helps drive self esteem and confidence. Research also shows that bilingual children have better thinking skills and greater mental agility.

“So on a day like National Children’s Day it is important to remind parents and whānau of the key role they play in developing their children’s language,” says Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori Chief Executive, Haami Piripi.

“We all need to be proactive in assuming and maintaining that responsibility and planning for a child’s language development should begin as early as possible, preferably before the child is born.

“However every effort helps – whether you’re committed to learning and extending your reo Māori skills and knowledge, developing your pronunciation, or simply supporting people speaking Māori whenever and wherever they choose, everyone can contribute to regenerating this taonga – reo Māori in New Zealand,” Haami says.

The information kit will be launched at a Family Fun Day at Kilbirnie Park in Wellington on Sunday 30 October, 2005. Copies will be made available to new parents through their Plunket nurse or by ordering a copy from the Körero Māori website

The information kit contains an information booklet on ‘Raising Tamariki with reo Māori’ and various other reo Māori resources including picture books, badges, a door sign, a Māori alphabet frieze and other relevant information from Te Taura Whiri that helps support language regeneration.


For further information contact: Tina Collison, Communications Manager, Te Taura Whiri i te reo Māori,
Telephone 04 471 0244 ext 757 Cellphone 021 245 2517