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He Pataka Kupu - te kai a te rangatira

Monolingual Maori Language Dictionary

'He Pataka Kupu - te kai a te rangatira' is the first monolingual Maori language dictionary produced for adults. It has  approximately 24,000 entries and is a rich Maori language resource for highly proficient speakers and learners.

Further information about buying He Pataka Kupu: 

  • Soft cover versions of He Pataka Kupu are available from leading bookstores.
  • Soft cover copies retail for $52.00 (including GST).
  • Dictionaries can be bought from leading bookstalls or email Unity Books:
  •  Buyers outside New Zealand can buy the dictionary via this link: nzbooksabroad
  •  All bookstores can order the dictionary directly from the publisher. You may need to ask the bookstore to arrange this. This should not incur further costs.






I-papakupu - Monlingual Online Maori Dictionary
by Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Maori.
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A Dictionary of Maori Language
by H.W. Williams
To view an electronic copy of this dictionary go to  

English/Maori - Maori/English
Published by Learning Media Limited, Wellington, New Zealand
(The Ngata Dictionary is available online)


Wakareo a-ipurangi
English/Maori - Maori/English
Searchable Mäori-English and English-Mäori dictionaries
( Wakareo a-ipurangi is a an on-line subscription based service)


Reed Dictionary Of Modern Maori
by PM Ryan
Contains over 45,000 concise entries divided into Maori-English and English-Maori sections.
Published by Raupo (see Penguin).


Reed Concise Maori Dictionary
A.W. Reed, revised by T.S. Karetu
An invaluable reference providing a list of words and their equivalents in Maori and English.
Published by Raupo (see Penguin).


Reed Essential Maori Dictionary
Margaret Sinclair and Ross Calman
This introductory Maori dictionary is simple and concise. It is very user-friendly.
Published by Raupo (see Penguin)


Reed Pocket Dictionary of Modern Maori
P.M. Ryan
Designed with the user in mind, this dictionary is a useful source for speakers of English and Maori at any level.
Published by Raupo (see Penguin).


Reed Maori Picture Dictionary
Margaret Sinclair and Ross Calman
The Reed Maori Picture Dictionary contains of 1,300 illustrations of the most common Maori words.
Published by Raupo (see Penguin).


Reed Reference Grammar of Maori
Winifred Bauer
This comprehensive Maori grammar is an invaluable reference for those teaching and learning Maori at an advanced level.
Published by Raupo (see Penguin).


The Complete English-Maori Dictionary
by Bruce Biggs


Te Whanake - Maori - English Dictionary
This Maori dictionary has modern and everyday language useful for learners of Maori.

A Modern Maori Picture Dictionary
Published by Oxford Books

First Words in Maori (Picture Dictionary)
Oxford Books

Other phrase and word books

Te Matatiki
by Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Maori.
Contemporary Maori words that have been coined by the Maori Language Commission.
Oxford Books

Maori for the Office
by Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Maori.
Write letters in Maori, use office terms, answer the phone in Maori, advertise situations vacant etc.
Oxford Books