Nga Mihi - Greetings

In Maori culture greeting others is very important. It is an opportunity for people to show respect, through the language used and its accompanying actions, and the tone for the interaction is set. Whether the greeting is written or spoken, choosing the appropriate language is important.

Learning to greet people appropriately is key to communication success.


Kia ora
Tena koe
Hello (to one person)
Tena korua
Hello (to two people)
Tena koutou
Hello (to three or more people)

Inquiring Question

Kei te pehea koe?
How are you?


Kei te pai ahau
I’m good
Ka nui te ora
I’m great
Me koe?
And you?


Haere ra
Goodbye (to someone leaving)
E noho ra
Goodbye (to someone staying)
Ka kite ano
See you again
Hei kona
See you later


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