Rauemi - Resources

While you are learning to Kōrero Māori you can get help from the resources on this site.

Especially for those who are learning the Māori language there are tips and strategies to help you learn more quickly and effectively.

For those wanting to write in Māori or use it on their computer there’s specific information about macrons and how to use them.

New Zealand place names - pronunciationThere’s also information about how to pronounce New Zealand place names correctly.

And don’t forget our shop where you can get hold of books pamphlets and other items supporting your use of reo Māori.

The resources section is divided into the following sections:

  • Shop
    Buy Kōrero Māori branded products and language resources here
  • Dictionaries
    A list of available dictionaries of the Māori Language
  • Publications
    Phrasebooks and other Māori language and culture periodicals
  • Learning tips and strategies
    Some advice to help learn the Māori language
  • Macrons
    Basic information about using macrons in Māori language text
  • Funding
    A guide to funding resources for promoting reo Māori
  • Place names
    An interactive map of Māori place names and pronunciation
  • Translators
    A list of certified translators