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Tukuna mai nga korero mou

Panuitia nga korero pono a etahi atu mo te ako ki te korero me te kawe i te reo Maori - tukuna ranei o ake korero pono me o ake whakaaro.


Te Ropu Reo MaoriMaori Language Club
Panui #3 – Mahuru 2005

Tena koe!

Nga mihi mahana atu ki a koutou nga mema o Te Ropu Reo Maori.

Ka mau te wehi! We would like to acknowledge the number of people that have registered as members. We now have over 1,000 club members, this enthusiasm is great for our language.

As we said in the Panui #1, we will keep members informed with the latest Korero Maori news, resources and projects.

New Korero Maori Website

The key to supporting club members will be our new interactive website, which can be found at either or

The website was launched by the Minister of Maori Affairs at the Maori Language Week Awards Gala Dinner on Maori Language day, Wednesday 14 September, 2005. You can watch a recording of the awards event via the website. will act as the ‘home of the club’ and has been designed for people of all levels of reo Maori ability. It is unique in that it provides bilingual pages - side by side on the same page – usually you have to go to a new page to see the Maori translation.

The site’s two main aims are to increase use of reo Maori and to increase awareness of Maori language issues. Reo Maori learners will be able to access the interactive conversations and a basic introduction to Maori language and culture to help improve their reo Maori skills.

The site is not only for beginners, but for people at every level of language knowledge. Once the online discussion forums are up and running early next year, club members will be able to find ways to have conversations together.

There is a section to upload information about your own reo Maori events and a space to share your personal stories about what the Maori language means to you. The site will be regularly updated to ensure all new information is readily available for members to access and share.

The website epitomises the Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Maori – Maori Language Commission vision for te reo to be available as a living national taonga (treasure) of New Zealand.

2005 Maori Language Week Awards

The second annual Maori Language Week Awards were held in Wellington on Maori Language Day, Wednesday 14 September.

These awards recognise the contribution that individuals or organisations make to raise the awareness of reo Maori in Aotearoa through their various promotions or projects. There were 32 entries received this year and the judges said they were extremely impressed with the quality and diversity of the entries.

There are five award categories:

  • Business;
  • Central Government, Local Body and Public Library;
  • Community, School and Educational Institution;
  • Media (TV), Media (Radio) and Media (Print); and
  • Supreme

Find out about the award finalists and winners here.

Te Ropu Reo Maori input sought

As the lead sponsor of the Maori Language Club, Te Taura Whiri is eager to hear your innovative, exciting and invigorating ideas to encourage other Club members to ‘Korero Maori – Give it a go!’ If you have any ‘whakaaro – ideas’ for activities that could benefit others, or resources that might be useful please let us know. Your input and feedback is vital to the success of this venture, particularly as you may be able to help others to overcome the many barriers (‘whakama – embarrassment/ lack of confidence’) to learn and actively use reo Maori.

Please let us know if you are planning any reo Maori focused events within your ‘rohe, city or town’ that other Club members might be interested in attending. The more you and other members get together to use reo Maori and share ideas and experiences the better.

Club name competition

We encourage and welcome your feedback. So with that in mind Te Taura Whiri would like to know what you as members would like the Club to be called? Do you prefer Te Ropu Reo Maori or Te Karapu Reo Maori? Or would you like to come up with your own name? Let us know what you think by e-mailing us.

Korero Maori update

Since our last panui there have been some exciting new developments in the ‘Korero Maori National Information Programme projects. Like;

  • ‘Kupuhuna the Te Taura Whiri sponsored reo Maori Quiz show was launched on 25 July on ‘Whakaata Maori – Maori Television’ and has proven to be popular with both learners and speakers of Maori. Tune in to view at 5.30pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
  • Wellington Maori radio broadcaster Te Reo Irirangi o Te Upoko o te Ika are continuing with the production of a radio serial adaptation of the novel ‘Makorea’ written in Maori by Katarina Mataira. This Maori language radio serial is targeted at native speakers and will provide a wonderful resource for people of all levels of reo Maori ability when completed.
  • The ‘radio-sode’ ‘Brown Street’ is being broadcast on Mai FM and iwi radio stations in a bid to encourage a new generation to speak Maori. Targeted at the teenage youth market, anecdotal evidence to date suggest this 30 second bilingual radio-sode is being well received by both young and old.
  • The third in the series of ‘Korero Maori – Give It A Go!’ booklets, encourages readers to ‘Give It A Go!’ by using and incorporating reo Maori into everyday activities. This booklet has a focus on ‘Te Kai me te Inu’ or ‘Food and Drink’. It includes common phrases that people can use when asking for something to eat or drink. You can order copies of these booklets for other club members in your ropu, kura, marae or whanau online.

Te Matapuna

The Matapuna project team at Te Taura Whiri is still continuing work on ‘Te Matapuna’ – the first monolingual Maori dictionary – and a lexical database of Maori words and phrases. The electronic resource will form a linguistic foundation for language enthusiasts with free online access to the depth and breadth of reo Maori from late 2006. The printed version will be available in early 2007.


Microsoft plan to launch the reo Maori version of Microsoft Windows and Office with an associated spell checker by the end of November this year. This will allow a total immersion cyber environment in reo Maori.

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