Hei Akiaki


ReadingKia kaha to reo!
Speak up!

  • Learn how to pronounce Maori words by learning the vowel sounds 'a-e-i-o-u'. 
  • Read aloud in Maori each day.  
  • Answer the phone or greet your children in Maori.
  • Take all opportunities to speak Maori. 
  • Travel in Maori. 

Kei te kainga
Around the Home

  • Create some Maori language zones like in the the kitchen or dining area.
  • Schedule some Maori language times like lunch or dinner. Ten minutes a day will still make a difference to your ability.
  • Practise with your children. 
  • Use notes to remember vocabulary.
  • Use Maori Language media such as tv, internet, radio.

Awhi mai, awhi atu
Help given, help received

  • Seek out other Maori speakers. 
  • Ask a fluent speaker to be your language mentor.
  • Encourage your whanau and friends to come to classes with you.
  • Record kaumatua talking, telling stories etc in Maori.
  • Help out at your local kohanga reo or kura kaupapa Maori.

Kei waho i te kainga
Outside the home

  • Make up small Maori / English cards and attach them to your key ring.
  • Check out Maori language resources in your library or local bookshop. 
  • Do a google search on 'Maori language', 'Maori language lessons', 'Maori songs' etc etc.


  • Enrol in a Maori language class. 
  • Make your car a reo Maori zone on wheels!

Etehi atu take
Further information

Maori Language Week is made possible through the support and co-operation of:
Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Maori – Maori Language Commission
Te Puni Kokiri – Ministry of Maori Development
Te Kahui Tika Tangata – Human Rights Commission