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Kaupapa Whaipanga


Pakihi - For businesses

 Many businesses and organisations are finding that Maori is a useful tool in their branding. Some are using the language on a daily basis.

From this section of Korero Maori you can find out about business ways to use reo Maori and how to get advice and assistance to help increase your organisation’s Maori language profile.

If you want to see how other people have used Maori in business, take a look at our showcase where you’ll find some inspiring examples.

The business section is divided into the following groups:

  • Translators
    How to find a translator to help you use reo Maori
  • Assess your business reo
    A checklist for auditing your business’s reo Maori usage and potential.
  • Using te reo
    Ideas for utilising Maori in your business
  • Showcase
    Examples, case studies and viewpoints from businesses which use te reo.