Te hunga akoako
For learners

ponga.jpgLearning the Māori language is useful and fun and the Kōrero Māori beginners section has everything you need to get started.

Hear how to say the basics like vowel sounds and try out our interactive conversations where you can test your listening skills.

There is an introduction to the ways Māori people use their language in traditional settings and on community occasions.

You can also find out about some key Māori language moments in history.

And why not join our online Language Club. Beginners are welcome and it’s a good way of connecting up with other Māori language speakers so you can advance and support your adventure in reo Māori.

He ara ki mua
Some ways forward

  • Protocols
    Introduction to formal greetings in Māori cultural settings
  • History
    Historical background to reo Māori, including written and spoken forms
  • Proverbs
    Some of the most popular Māori sayings
  • Waiata
    Well-known Māori songs and their meanings
  • Tips
    Tested tips and strategies to help you learn reo Māori