Tatarihia to Reo Pakihi - Assess your business reo

If you want to use Maori language in your business, start by assessing the resources you already have.

These questions may help:

  • How much Maori are we using already?
  • Are there any Maori language speakers on the staff? 
  • How many everyday Maori words do staff know?
  • What resources (other than people) do we already have for increasing our Maori language usage?

When you decide that you want to increase your business’s usage of reo Maori, it's useful to form a strategy to use your available resources in the best way. This helps you to develop your Maori language use over time.

Perhaps these questions will help you develop some ideas:

  1. How can we promote reo Maori in our business?
  2. What help will we need?
  3. Where can we get it?
  4. What is our first priority?
  5. What will be easiest to do?
  6. What will be the challenges?
  7. Will we need to tell our customers about using Maori?
  8. How will we introduce te reo to our customers?
  9. What will it cost, if anything?

No doubt you will find other questions as you consider these. The important thing is to think about how reo Maori can work for you and how you can put it into practice. That way giving Maori language a go will be fun!

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