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Take a look at some of the feedback and comments received about this Korero Maori website.
We invite you to send us your thoughts on this site.

We have kept the Maori language text in the form it was received. This includes a mixture of the use of double vowels, macrons and no macrons. Some of the text below has been abridged.

  • Just started learning Te Reo Maori and am finding the website really helpful especially having others to talk with via Internet. I am living in Australia and am a kiwi who is looking to return to aotearoa after 7 years living away and it has always been my desire to pick up the Maori language.
  • For a beginner the speaker speaks too fast, when doing those fun exercises. [Thanks for the feedback we will take that on board when undertaking future recording]
  • Your site is absolutely fantastic!!! Well Done!
  • Wow this is an amazing site. learning Maori is something I’ve always wanted to do. Thank you ever so much!
  • Hi. Just thought I would say that I think this site is great. It is the first I have found while looking to learn about Te Reo and I find it easy and enjoyable to use. Well done.

  • Kia ora katoa, Just wanted to say what a wonderful site you have made. Its easy to use and learn. Keep up the great work.

  • Ka pai! Kia Ora!
    I wanted to let you know how wonderful I have found your website.
    Thank you so much. I have been wanting to reinforce and extend my knowledge of the Maori language and this site allows me to work at my own pace and repeat as often as I like.
    The pronunciation is so clear it is a joy to hear. I could cry this is exactly what I need to give me the confidence to use the little I know at work etc.I realise I must come across as a little pathetic but I wish to thank the people who designed and put together this website .
    It is just the help and support I need right now.

  • Very impressive, some good work has gone into these pages.

  • Was just browsing around online and came accross your website. I love the interactive lessons that you have there and think overall your site is great. Hopefully one day I can do some courses so that I can not only speak Maori  but write it as well.
    All the best!

  • This sight is fantastic. The speech is perfectly clear, the page is easy to navigate, I can't wait to do more. I am a single parent and I'm already studying a degree and find it difficult to take part in other coarses. This way I can do it in my own time. Although more songs would be great. It's soo hard to find descent Maori music. Thanks Korero Maori!

  • I am a Northlander living in Central Otago. I have just commenced a Te Reo class in Gore (Southland) of all places. Really should have started my learning up North I guess .....
    Anyway our tutor told us about the Whanau television programme and it is through that that I found your website!
    I just wanted to say that I think your website is fantastic and I know that I will be a frequent visitor whilst on my current journey.
    Thank you so much!
  • What a top class web site! Well done guys! Tumeke [Australia]
  • Thank you for the site it is great...
  • There really is no excuse, is there - not to learn the other of our official Aotearoa/New Zealand languages - Maori.  With this site, Maori TV, and numerous courses from community level to tertiary level, we should all be able to korero in both our official languages.  Take a deep breath, then take on the challenge!  Thanks 'Korero Maori'for providing a way in that's non-threatening!
  • Thank god u exist.  now i can still be in touch with someone from home and the reo, thank you. [Wales]
  • Tau ke I have found what I want at last!
  • Look forward to the contacts of whanau and te reo.
  • Would you create a simple mihi for pakeha, particularly those not born in NZ. There would be many like me who have a mixture of European nationalities and who had parents displaced by the second world war. These people never settled in any one spot in Aotearoa/NZ and while their descendants identify as New Zealanders, picking a river or mountain (in NZ or wherever we originally came from) to identify with is not appropriate.
    [If you have an example you could share with please contact us .]
  • Ki oku nei whakaaro me whakaturia e koutou i tetahi kaupapa mahi ma nga rangatahi hei hapai i a ratou ki te korero i to matou reo ataahua, engari ano hoki hei whakapuare hoki i o ratou whakaaro. Tena ra koutou, hei konei ra!
    [Hei te marama o Paenga-whawha 2006 kei te whakawatea e matou he wahi whakawhitiwhiti korero kei runga te paetukutuku nei, ko tetahi o nga wahanga mo te hunga rangatahi, hei korero, hei whakatakoto kaupapa.]
  • He tino pai to koutou mahi he rawe te mahi, kia ora.
  • Your summertime phrases are awesome! Ka mau te wehi!
  • What an awesome site!  I am really benefiting from listening to the mp3 sound files.  Do you have plans to add any more? [Yes, we will continue to add new sound files, check out our fun summer phrases].
  • Ka mau te wehi.  Kei te tino rawe tou koutou ipurangi.  Kei te pirangi ahau ki te mihi atu ki a koutou, na reira, kei te mihi, kei te mihi, kei te mihi!
  • "I think this site is awesome.  My children enjoy this site very much and gives them an incite into there heritage.
     Thank you on a very helpful site." [Australia]
  • "He rawe rawa atu tanei wharangi!!.."
  • “The Korero Maori site is magic - 'tino pai!’”
  • "Ka pa te miharo ki toku ngakau i toku kiteanga i tenei pae tukutuku. Ka kite au i tetehi hononga ipurangi ki tenei pae tukutuku i tetehi atu pae tukutuku, he mema au o taua pae tukutuku. He tino pai kia kite i nga tangata tokomaha kua panui mai ki runga i tenei wahanga!! Kia ora tatou!"
  • "I want to congratulate you on a fantastic website! I have just browsed quickly and sent the link to my home so I can put into action some learning to add to my basic knowledge. The range of services you offer is great and I will certainly be sending the link to others. So well done, thanks for the hard work, and good luck for the future of the website."
  • “Congratulations on the launch we know how much work has gone into this and the site looks very comprehensive I look forward to using it.”
  • “The site looks great! Congratulations! All of the usability work seems to have worked a treat – the site seems quite intuitive. I’m sure the language training sections will be a hit – easy to find and use.”
  • “Pai mutunga hoki te kaha maarika o koutou ki te hakatu i tenei wahi ipurangi mo tatou, te hunga i tupu tuturu taketake ake i roto i te reo me ratou hoki e rea ake nei i ao korero Maori. Taku reanga ake i roto i te reo, ko Waihou Nui A Rua, kei waho tata atu o Panguru i Hokianga Ki Te Raki i Te Taitokerau. Na toku kuia au i hakarea ake ki roto i tona reo tohunga tuturu. Koia ke tena toku reo matua iaini nei.”
  • “The new korero.maori.nz web site is hopefully the catalyst that will transform one special week into ongoing and continual action.”
  • “Congratulations! The site looks great. I'll put something on our intranet about it and send the link to all my friends and whanau!”
  • “Tuatahi kei te mihi atu, he ataahua tonu a koutou pae tukutuku nei. Mauri ora!”
  • “Thanks for such a great site - especially like the interactive parts. Great work, ka pai - I will be passing the link on to all my friends, family and workmates.”
  • “I want to offer my congratulations and compliments on the release of a wonderful resource. I sent the link to the management team nationwide this morning and have already received some very positive comments from my management colleagues i.e.

    "Absolutely fabulous!"

    “ I've had a look on the website and it looks great. I've got several staff who've recently completed introductory te reo courses, and I've been thinking of trying to re-activate my own basic knowledge after not using it for years, and I think that site will be a great starting point."

    “Tenei he mihi, ki a koutou katoa i roto i te tari o te Te Taura Whiri. Ka mau te wehi mo ta koutou pukumahi mo tenei kaupapa whakapakari to tatou taonga huri noa i nga tangata katoa o Aotearoa. No reira, e mihi atu ana ki a koutou i runga i te putanga o tenei mapihi pounamu. Ko te pae tawhiti, whaia kia tata. Ko te pae tata, whakamaua kia tina.”

  • “I just wanted to say how great the new website looks! The site looks really clean and easy to navigate, and the resources are excellent.”
  • “Nga mihi nui. E tika ana kia whakaterehia i tenei ra tonu o te reo Maori 2005 a, ka hoki nga mahara ki a ratou ma me a ratou moemoea kua whakatinanahia nei.”
  • "Congratulations - a truly wonderful resource."
  • "Brilliant website. Congratulations."

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